Tuesday, August 29, 2006


SLO's... Student Learning Outcomes. The college is working on figuring out what SLO's are, how to write them, how to measure and report on student learning. I think this is all good stuff. It's funny to me that K-12 educators have been doing this sort of thing for >20 years and now the theory is finally becoming mainstream at the higher level. Maybe it'll also trickle up to the CSU and UC systems - maybe... When I saw that the Columbia College SLO working group had actually incorporated some of the feedback from the Brown Bag Andragogy Group (BBAG) I almost schisted my pantelones. I felt very happy. We'll see where we go from here. The whole thing needs some direction and clarity in my opinion. What could help would be to actually have the working group write an SLO (or TLO for Teacher Learning Outcome) for what it is the Accreditation Committee wants. They could then practice what they are preaching and it would model good instructional theory and practice. My 2 cents worth...


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